Nephrology / Kidney Transplant

Our surgical background served as a backup when we embarked on the first ever kidney transplant in the FCT. We partnered with Prof. Nadey Hakim, Head of Kidney and Pancreatic transplant, Imperial College, London, UK, who is world renowned in this field, de-mystifying the procedure which had been avoided by other centers. Not only were we successful, but two other centers followed suit, thereby easing the experience for patients from the FCT and environs.

We are highly motivated and compassionate people, using advanced systems and technology to become the healthcare provider of choice and to improve the quality of life for the individuals and communities we serve.

We are proud to say that VPH conducted the First successful kidney transplant in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. This was done completely free for the patient through our foundation, Viewpoint NAFS kidney foundation with an estimated cost of 6.5 million naira including drugs. Since we conducted the first kidney transplant in 2012, we have gotten a lot of referrals from other hospitals and health providers from different parts of the country and this has made us a rally point for highest quality of Kidney care.

The Nephrology unit provides comprehensive heal

th care for patients with different types of renal (kidney) diseases. Acute and chronic renal diseases and renal problems due to diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stone disease, infections, hereditary illnesses are diagnosed and managed. Emerging science, new technology, and improvements in diagnostics and patient care have enabled the department to treat kidney and renal disease more successfully.

The units’s services includes inpatient/outpatient hemodialysis, clinics for hypertension, inherited kidney diseases, kidney stones, nephritis and early and late stage renal failure. We believe in prevention and that is why we put all measures to intervene onetime.

The Nephrology unit of Viewpoint Hospital is fully equipped with the latest medical technologies and staffed with experienced nephrologists and haemodialysis nurses with extensive experience in their respective fields.

dialysis uni imagetDialysis Unit
The unit provides a full range of services to patients with end-stage renal disease. These services include in-patient nephrology services and chronic dialysis services.
The hospital has done a lot of charity work with the assistance of Nafs-Kidney foundation. And we expect to do more towards improving the health condition of our community and mankind in general.

Dialysis Services provides emergency hemodialysis or scheduled hemodialysis sessions, 3 times per week, 4 hours per session as the case may be.

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About Viewpoint

Viewpoint hospital has a team of experienced consultants and other medical specialists with a wide experience on Open and Minimally Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopic/Endoscopic surgery) and other specialties.

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